Your Discs Over Time

Your Discs Over Time

Have you ever been to a doctor and they said that you have a disc? Right there, an instant fear is born. Well, we are here to tell you that we are actually born with them! They are fibro-cartilaginous joints that act as tough ligaments to both hold the spine together and give you flexibility. Over time, the water that is stored within the discs begin to solidify, which is why we become less flexible as we age. The cause? The inner-muscles surrounding the spine are not being strengthened to withstand the trials of time.


You know that feeling when you wake up after a day’s workout, and your muscles are incredibly sore? Imagine that feeling all around your back, because the inner-muscles have finally been activated after decades of lack of activity. Yes, I know what you are thinking; I workout and stretch my back all the time. But those are what we call “superficial” and “supporting” muscles. Now it’s time to work your inner-muscles, where all the pain and possible back injuries are born. And you can! Right here, exclusively at SpineFix.

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