The Sitting Disease

The Sitting Disease

We consciously try avoiding or limiting our intake of cigarettes, fast food takeout and the sugary deep-fried donuts; but are they the most important things to avoid for a healthier lifestyle?


As part of Generation Y and Z, our typical daily life looks like this: wake up after 6-8 hours of sleep, breakfast, driving the car to the office, sitting at our desks for about 8 hours, back into the car, dinner at a restaurant or home, TV time, and finally, back to bed after a long exhausting day. Notice anything? There is almost no physical movement at all, and, the culprit is, the chair.


Today, the most notable illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiac related issues stem from the lack of movement; which has even more serious implications than smoking a cigarette, or eating a fast food burgers.


Take a minute to stand up every 30 minutes while at your office desk; go for a 10,000 step walk every day; keep your back straight to reduce discomfort in the long run. Your posture is the window to your spine, and a key to your health.


Sit less. You weren’t designed to sit. Get moving for a healthier happier you!

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