The Perfect Job?

The Perfect Job?

Throughout our school education, we are taught that there is such a thing as “The Perfect Job”. It may not be “perfect” in every sense of the word, but it could be perfect for you, like a painter, or marketeer, or dentist. But at the end of the day, can any job be counted as the “Perfect Job”?


Most of us spend 8 hours a day at our desks, just typing away and getting work done. Did you realize that every hour, we fidget at our desks, straighten our backs and stretch our arms? There is a medical reason behind all of our subconscious desk seating decisions.


When we sit at our desks, our backs are generally flat, commonly known as the resting position. However, our backs should be straight, sort of like when we are caught in a formal family gathering. As for our arms, we usually protract our shoulders, when they should be retracting – meaning they should be rolled back. Finally, when we sit at our computers, we usually look down at the screen. This invokes a gravitational pull on your neck, causing sheer force which eventually leads to misalignment, herniated discs, numbness in your arms and hands, straightening of the neck, sore muscles that support the neck and headaches.

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