Pregnancy and Your Spine

Pregnancy and Your Spine

Faintness, emotional stress, sleeplessness and intense back pain came with the joys of pregnancy. But who would’ve thought pregnancy could take more of a toll on our spine and every day life postpartum?


Exercise was a key part of my life pre and post pregnancy, but the back pains still ceased to exist. With every pregnancy, the discomfort increased, so I realized there must be more to it than the body’s release of relaxin (a hormone to relax the muscles in preparation for childbirth) in the lumbar part of the spine. I needed a permanent solution, as I did not wish to wait until the discs start pinching the nerves causing them to herniate as I age.


Medical Strengthening Therapy, the latest medical technology strengthening inner core muscles, has changed my life. It is the only kind of workout that reaches and strengthens back muscles, eliminating back pain completely when strong. Countless cases of osteoporosis, herniated discs, lordosis and scoliosis come across me every day, and the source comes down to weakened back muscles, which protect our spine and bones (preventing osteoporosis).


Over half of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy, some to the extent of compromising the ability to do daily tasks.


More pregnancies, weight gain, and previous pain during pregnancy influences pain intensity during pregnancy. Working to prevent it can help you lead a healthier, more active and fulfilling life. Keeping the spine aligned as well as strong inner-back muscles is key in minimizing lower back pain.

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