High Heels - Friend or Foe?

High Heels – Friend or Foe?

Undeniably high heels are women’s top choice on a night out, or work. Prior to having kids, they were my go-to. In fact, I had no issue roaming around the city for long hours with the highest of heels and found them comfortable. Little did I know that post delivery, it would affect my spine and I would opt for the Adidas All-stars instead.


So can high heels really affect the spine? Absolutely. A woman’s body will attempt to compensate for the off-kilter balance heels cause by flexing or forward bending the hips and spine. Plus, to maintain balance, our hips, back and calf muscles become tense, putting excessive strain on our muscles. Poor alignment of the spine may lead to muscle overuse and back pain with time.


Shooting pains, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, cramping and pain rooting from lumbar spine down the legs are atypical of sciatica nerve compression; a form of bulging disc. The weight pressure of the high heels puts tremendous pressure on the lumbar spine, which can lead to lower back pain.


Strengthening your back muscles is essential in avoiding wear-and-tear of your spine with age. Stretch your muscles before and after wearing high heels, skip anything above 2 inches, and avoid the pointy toe shoes. Trust me, your feet and back will thank you later.

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