1. Can I work out while doing the program?
We recommend doing cardio every other day and no heavy weight lifting while doing the program to avoid overuse of the muscles.
2. Can I train at the center immediately after eating a meal?
Yes, although we recommend only a light meal and not a heavy one.
3. Can I do the program if I have osteoporosis?
The program is not recommended to those who have severe or advanced osteoporosis, as osteoporosis affects first and foremost the spine and risk the chance of being shattered when carrying any weights (only normal physical therapy is recommended).
4. How does the program work? How are you different from other physical therapy centers?
Our physical therapy program works on strengthening core involuntary back muscles that can only be reached by our medical machines, and not traditional physical therapy techniques. When these inner muscles are strong, they act as an inner cushion to keep the discs separated, hence, not pressing on the nerves which is the main reason for spinal discomfort and pain (such as sciatica nerve, numbness in arms and legs, herniated and bulging discs).
5. Why does our program consist of 18 sessions?
The program is divided over 18 sessions, more specifically 3 spreads. The first 6 sessions for adaptation; followed by 6 sessions of progression; and finally 3 sessions of exhaustion. Studies have confirmed that to strengthen autochtones muscles the average person would require 18 sessions of MST (Medical Strengthening Therapy) to strengthen subconscious muscles.
6. Why is our program spread over 3 sessions weekly and not daily?
Our program is done over 3 sessions, one session every other day to allow the muscles a day of recovery and not overusing them (which can lead to more discomfort if muscles aren’t given a rest day).
7. What happens if a patient travels and cannot do the 18 sessions continuously?
It is not recommend to cut the program halfway through as we deal with sensitive muscles and the only way to gain full efficiency of the program is to be consistent with the routine.
8. When do patients begin to see improvement from the program?
Each patient is different and this depends greatly on the case, some patients with a minor case begin to see improvement after 6 – 8 sessions, while other more complicated cases need to complete a month before noticing good results.
9. Who is the program best suited for?
The program is best suited for: surgical candidates before or after spinal surgery (we recommend before as it greatly improves recovery after surgery, and in many cases can eliminate the need for surgery altogether); those at risk for osteoporosis (but not with); male and female with any back or neck pain; mothers going through postpartum with weakened back muscles; people with family history of herniated and bulging discs, and sciatica nerve; people with long hour desk jobs; people who train at the gym; and people with scoliosis. The program is highly recommended as a mean of prevention for spinal medical cases.
10. What kind of treatment does SpineFix provide?
SpineFix provides the latest German Physical Therapy technique called Medical Strengthening Therapy (MST); which works on strengthening deep muscles in the spine that we cannot reach with traditional exercise or physical therapy.
11. What do you recommend for patients once they have completed the program?
We recommend a monthly or bi-weekly maintenance session at our center to maintain muscle strength and avoid relapse of the medical condition.
12. Why is training time 2:30 minutes per machine?
To improve the endurance of the muscles, and not solely building muscles. 2:30 minutes can be handled for prolonged training time, which is essential.
13. Do you offer physical therapy for knees and sports injuries?
No, we are quality driven and focus solely on the spine at our center but gladly accept consultations and refer you to local experts for other non-spinal cases.
14. How much is the program?
We offer a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Physical Therapists to examine and review the MRI and medical report to determine the best course of treatment. We offer flexible payment plans (by session) or extremely affordable packages for those interested in registering in the program. For more inquiries, kindly visit our center for the free consultation and to learn more about the packages.
15. Where is your center located?
SpineFix is located in Jeddah Malik Road Tower on the mezzanine floor; as well as Riyadh at Square 6 center at the North Roundabout between exit 5 and 6, offices 24, 25 and 26 on the first floor.
16. Can elderly do the program?
Yes, we have many cases of elderly walking on crutches or on wheelchairs and slowly begin to regain total mobility with the program. It is highly recommended for elderly.
17. Can patients with Spinal Cord Injury or paralysis do the program?
Unfortunately, there is very little we can do for cases of severe spinal cord injury. For such cases, we recommend visiting the center with the MRI and medical reports for a free consultation and diagnosis of the case.
18. Are the treatment rooms mixed?
We have separate male and female consultation and treatment rooms for complete privacy during treatment, with a one-to-one ratio of patient to PTs at all times.