Does Excessive Exercise Truly Result in a Better You?

Does Excessive Exercise Truly Result in a Better You?

We have all been there, male and females alike – we love the gym! If it was up to us, we would spend our entire days working out and not go to work at all. Why? It allows us to push past our own limits, forget the stressful days we have had, and you can actually see tangible results within a short period of time. But, it is incredibly easy to lose ones’ self exercising and forget limits.


Did you know? Your muscles need an entire day of breathing to recover from your last workout session? Why? As we exercise, micro-tears within our tissues form, and they need to recover. That is why if you go to the gym the very next day, you will still feel fatigue and will not be able to maintain your usual stamina. Furthermore, when your body is fatigued, the chances of you doing an exercise incorrectly increases dramatically, because you would be relying on your supporting muscles to help carry the weights. This can cause detrimental effects on your lower back, neck and knees later on in the future; such as spendylosis, osteoarthritis or sciatic nerves.


Our advice: be cautious about the weights you are carrying. Do not increase the weights until you have fully mastered the workout.

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