Pioneering Spinal Center


German Physical Therapy Center

In association with the renowned German Endoscopic Surgeon, Dr. Florian Alfen, the center prides itself for its German trained PTs, alongside the state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Free Consultation

Each patient receives a free consultation prior to registering in our program, to fully understand the background and lifestyle as well as any medical case, if applicable. Once we have gained full understanding of the patient’s needs, we develop a customized program using quantified and live data catered to the wellbeing of your spine, as it is the epitome of our wellbeing.

Proven Results

Upon completion of the program, we redo the Power Test and evaluate the results in comparison to the initial test. Over a study of 15,000 patients conducted in Germany, 93% of patients who underwent and completed the program no longer required surgery, and their quality of life improved significantly.

A Medical Workout

Our essence is living an optimal, pain-free and active lifestyle; and our program offers just that. Working to strengthen the inner muscles, and regaining total spinal health, our program is a medical workout, under the care and supervision of our certified Physiotherapists.

Diagnosing your Spinal Health

At this point, we do a Power Test and individualized chart to assess the strength and overall spinal health. Based on the results, we adapt the program to suit individual abilities, ensuring optimum results and most of all, safety.