Innovative Spine Pain Treatment

The first German Physical Therapy Center in the Middle East, focusing on fighting and effectively eliminating chronic back pain and spinal medical conditions.

Some of the cases we cater to are

Disc Bulge

Wear and tear of the inner layer of the disc, which press on the nerves, resulting in pain.

Disc Prolapse

Tear of the rubbery cushions (discs) between the vertebrae that stack up to make your spine, resulting in pain, numbness or weakness in the arm or leg.


A condition that weakens the bones, making them fragile and more likely to break.


Narrowing of the spaces within the spinal cord and the vertebrae, applying pressure on the nerves within the spine.


Sideways curvature of the spine.


The pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, branching from the lower back through the hips, buttocks and leg.

Towards An Active Life Without Back Pain

Experience a clinically proven program to treat severe spinal pain. Book your free consultation to learn more about our innovative, non-invasive and pain-free method to help you today!

A Simple & Rational Approach To Treating Back Pain

Our program is more commonly known as MST (Medical Strengthening Therapy) focusing on strengthening deep tissue muscles. The average program lasts 6 weeks, consisting of a total of 18 sessions, spread over 3 times weekly. Each session is supervised and executed by the best-in-class physiotherapists. Lasting an approximate 30 minutes. Once the program is complete, we recommend that members go through a monthly maintenance session at a minimum to maintain muscle strength.

Our program has the potential of helping the following groups

We treat the cause of the pain, not relieve the symptoms.